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Elite Hotels Gift Card

Gift card

A gift with a silver lining

Buy a gift that will be truly appreciated. You can give away anything from a drink in the bar to a lovely hotel stay. Choose the amount you want to charge the gift card with. The cards can then be redeemed for a relaxing overnight stay, for a delicious meal, a breakfast or any of our other services. The gift cards can be used in all our Elite Hotels and Hotel Bishop Arms, in our own restaurants as well as in all our appreciated pubs The Bishop Arms.

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1. Order a gift card online or buy one at one of our hotels.

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2. We send the gift card to the selected recipient if you shop online. If you buy the gift card at of our hotels you take it with you directly.

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3. The gift card can be used on all of our hotels and restaurants and on

What value should your gift card have and how many do you want to buy?

  • 200
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 5000
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Where should we send the card?

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Which address should be on the reciept?

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Which card do you want to use?

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