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Conference at Elite Hotels

Are you planning a conference, seminar, congress, trade show, customer or PR event? Are you looking for a stunning venue to host a corporate event or board meeting? Elite Hotels offer endless possibilities.

We have hotels in 19 Swedish cities with conference and meetings facilities. Some venues are in in castle-looking buildings, others in top modern Green Key certified buildings. Some buildings offer stunning views, others a fascinating history, a cultural treasures or unique heritage.

Two things that our conference facilities have in common is the location and that they are equipped with the latest technique. Elite Hotels are located in a the city centre, close to trains and buses and also offer parking at a fee.

Our dedicated and professional staff will be at your side during the event. They have a trained eye for details and will make sure that your event will be a success.

Food and beverage is an appreciated and important part of a conference or meeting. Our "conference-fika" is more than a traditional Swedish fika with a bun; it provides energy and is both tasty and nice to look at! Through the hotel restaurants we can arrange everything from coffee to a bowl of fruits, to mingle and small sandwiches, to lunch, buffet and tree meal courses.

Good planning is the key behind a succesful conference. We will help you plan the event from the very first idea and make sure that every detail leads to a memorable experience.

Call and book your conference with us at +46 (0) 771 788 789 or send a request at! You can also contact a specific hotel directly, see all our conference hotels below.